Eye exams

In order that we can provide proper care and devote adequate time to answering your questions and concerns, routine eye exams are done on an appointment basis; please call 673-7428 to schedule an appointment. We will accept walk ins/short notice appointments if time is available. If you can’t keep an appointment we ask that you give us 24 hours notice.

If you are in need of a routine contact lens care or fitting, we can usually do this in conjunction with a routine eye exam appointment. However, if a significant amount of extra work must me done (typically additional medical tests, a complicated contact lens fit, or a pre LASIK evaluation) we will occasionally have to schedule another appointment to finish the work.

We often use drops to dilate pupils. Although your vision will be slightly blurred afterwards, you should easily be able to drive with dilated pupils. You will be given throwaway sunglasses to help you cope with bright light until the drops wear off. We will honor your request not to dilate pupils if it will impair your plans for afterwards or if you have had a previous reaction to or bad experience with dilating drops.

Emergencies and urgencies are always worked into our day; obviously, the nature of these problems can disrupt a schedule. We realize your time is valuable so we always try to stay on schedule, but we ask you to be understanding if there are slight delays.

Please come prepared for your appointment. Bring all your glasses, contact lenses, contact lens solutions, etc. into the office with you (as opposed to leaving them at home or in your car in the parking lot). Similarly, please have your insurance information available when you check in.

Medical vs Refractive Care

Please note that there is a difference between the two. Generally, “routine” eye exams are a benefit provided for, usually at some specified interval, by most insurance policies. However, should you have a “medical eye condition” (examples: a red, inflamed eye, floaters, acute loss of vision, glaucoma, a foreign body in eye, etc.) we can treat you and bill your medical insurance for whatever procedures are medically indicated, the same as any other doctor (often subject to obtaining a referral from your PCP), without “using up” your “routine” eye care benefit.

Deposits for Glasses

When you order glasses, we require a 50% deposit when placing the order, with the balance due when you pick up the glasses. We also require a deposit when special ordering contact lenses. However, we are happy to “order in” specific frames for you to “check out”, with no obligation to you.